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About Our Industrial Laser Cleaning Company


Lumiblast provides the most environmentally safe and cost-efficient method for surface cleaning available while enhancing productivity with the smallest environmental impact possible.
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Surface Cleaning

Paint Stripping

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Lumiblast Industrial Laser Cleaning

LumiBlast was born from the search for quality surface cleaning needed in the founders personal projects. From this initial frustration, a search for better methods eventually lead to laser cleaning technology.
Although the use of lasers in cutting, drilling, and welding applications is well known, its current adaptation to industrial cleaning applications is relatively new. The application of laser cleaning came as a result of the need for a nonhazardous, nonabrasive cleaning method that could be used as an alternative in applications where chemical, abrasive blasting and manual methods were formerly used.
Only the Best

Environmentally Friendly

You can be assured our laser cleaning process is safe for the environment. When compared to other cleaning methods, laser cleaning is the most environmentally solution available today.

State-of-the-art Technology

Our 1000w cleaning laser saves customers time and money by reducing production downtime for cleaning with the most cost efficient method of surface cleaning available.

Mobile Service - We Come to You!

Our mobile service is fully self contained and powered to come and work on your project.
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Latest Projects

Aircraft Floats Paint Removal

Removing the epoxy paint and the zinc phosphate undercoating as well. The laser cleaning process is touch-less and allows you to see the damaged area (light area at bottom) from corrosion compared to the corrosion free area.

Aircraft Spot Paint and Corrosion Removal for Inspection

Reducing time spent cleaning surfaces for inspection for cracks. Laser cleaning these areas for inspection in a fraction of the time.

New Projects Coming Soon
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