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Will Laser Cleaning damage my material?
The laser will clean without wear on material, leaving no chemical or residue on the surface.
Is it applicable to all types of materials?

It works on metals, alloys, stone, cement and others. When possible we ask for a sample to be sent to us for evaluation. We will video the testing and validate if the laser is the correct method for the project. Some surfaces are not recommended such as carbon fiber.

How fast will it clean?

The rate of cleaning always varies depending on the conditions. Surface corrosion is easy to remove, paint requires more energy and time. Mill scale requires a lot of energy to remove.

Is it safe?

The operator wears goggles for eye protection and a respirator so as not to breathe in fumes of the material being removed. A fume extractor collects fumes and vapours and filters the air to collect the waster for safe disposal. Opaque shielding is used to prevent anyone not wearing laser goggles from seeing the laser beam.